The latest in portable retinography for prevention and diagnosis.
High quality
Phelcom’s patented high-tech technology allows high quality exams to be performed on a portable device integrated into the smartphone.
The examinations obtained with Eyer are automatically synchronized with the internet, enabling remote diagnostics.
Embedded artificial intelligence
Eyer has intelligent functions to aid in medical diagnosis and to facilitate the capture of retinal exams.
Eyer is naturally connected since it is integrated into the smartphone, making it easy to share and access examinations data in the cloud.
With Eyer it is possible to perform retinal examinations at any location without the need to use eye drops for pupil dilation. More patient comfort and faster examination.
Use the Autofocus function to compensate patient refractive errors in the range of -20D to + 20D, allowing highly detailed retinal exams.
Eyer enables the democratization of access to retinal examination technology through innovative and more affordable business models.
Easy operation
Any minimally trained healthcare professional can use Eyer to perform high-quality retinal examinations in less than 1 minute.
Generate panoramic exams with a field of view of more than 100 degrees with Eyer, which has internal fixation points that help capture and generate panoramic images.
Retinal Examinations
The prevention of irreversible blindness begins with high quality retinal examinations performed anywhere.

Best solution for
Prevention of diabetic retinopathy
There are almost 500 million diabetics in the world and this number is growing because of the population lifestyle. Every diabetic patient needs to take care of eye health and Eyer is an excellent option for diagnosis and prevention of diabetic retinopathy, which today is the main cause of blindness in the active population from 20 to 60 years.
Glaucoma monitoring
Glaucoma is an optic nerve disease that occurs due to high intraocular pressure. The disease reaches about 80 million people worldwide and its prevention and treatment is indispensable for the prevention of blindness. Eyer high quality allows glaucoma diagnosis and monitoring through observation of the patient’s optic nerve.

Early diagnosis and monitoring of AMD

The world’s population is aging and health problems related to old age are becoming more and more common. Age-related macular degeneration (AMD) affects more than 150 million people worldwide and is the leading cause of blindness in the population over 60 years. Its prevention is indispensable for good eye health in the best age, with Eyer being an excellent ally in this cause.

Retinal detachment

The rapid diagnosis of retinal detachment is essential to preserve the sight of a patient with trauma or even with a high degree of myopia.


Retinoblastoma is the most frequent type of tumor that affects the eyes in childhood, which may manifest at birth or until the age of five. For the early detection of this type of cancer, Eyer can be used to capture panoramic retinal examinations.

Retinopathy of prematurity

One of the main ways of preventing retinopathy of prematurity is the ophthalmologic screening of all premature infants, which includes the fundus examination in the 4th week of life. The portability of Eyer allows this examination to be done on children and newborns.

Eyer’s portability and connectivity allow examinations to be performed anywhere by an operator in the field and the doctor remotely via internet reducing time, costs and distance.
Eyer Specifications
TipoRetinógrafo digital não midriático
Campo de visada (FOV)45 graus
ResoluçãoSensor de 12 MP, sendo 2.6 MP efetiva
ExamesColorido, red free e segmento anterior
Pontos internos11 pontos de fixação para imageamento periférico
Foco-20D a +20D com auto-foco
PupilaTamanho mínimo de 3mm
SistemaAndroid 7.0 Nougat
Tela5.8-inch AMOLED 2960 x 1440 (570 ppi)
ProcessadorQualcomm Snapdragon – 8 núcleos de 2.3 GHz
Memória64 GB para armazenamento e 4 GB de memória RAM
ConectividadeWI-FI ou 4G
Bateria3000 mAH – aproximadamente 50 exames
Peso690 g
TelemedicinaIntegração automática com o sistema EyerCloud

*Equipamento integrado a smartphone Samsung S8.

Certificated Nº 81663569001
In the media
Doctor Paulo Schor picture

I have met and worked with several projects of portable digital retinal cameras. The various ideas were always blocked in the lighting system, which always generated reflections and restricted the field of observation. For this reason mydriasis helps a lot for image quality, and Phelcom’s great idea lies precisely in the lighting system, which even in smaller pupils maintains the good image. After solving the technological challenge, the company took innovation seriously, which is putting the product in the market. Your business plan is feasible and relevant. As this plan materializes, we will have taken several steps towards the democratization of the ophthalmological examinations, increasing the correct referrals and reducing waiting times.

Dr Paulo Schor

Doctor Jayter Silva de Paula picture

O trabalho em conjunto com a equipe da Phelcom no projeto de desenvolvimento e validação de um sistema de retinografia portátil foi uma experiência de pesquisa inovadora e interessante. O uso do celular como base para captura e trabalho com a imagem de fundo de olho se mostrou desafiador desde o início, principalmente quando da busca por um dispositivo que não dependesse de midríase medicamentosa. O sucesso que tivemos com este projeto, veio da constante evolução de recursos tecnológicos e se deu graças a uma interação frutífera de toda equipe, particularmente com o uso de ideias vindas dos problemas observados na prática com pacientes. Ao final, o produto e sua formulação de mercado poderão facilitar a rotina médica, em especial dos oftalmologistas, de forma moderna, acessível e democrática.

Dr Jayter Silva de Paula

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